20150813_084110A lot of this blog is about religious/spiritual topics and natural living, as well as my musings on life in general and other compostables.

For those that are curious – I have identified as pagan for about 14 years, practicing witchcraft for nearly as long. I would describe my pagan world view as a naturalistic, pantheistic. I honor Aztec gods as part of some Aztec reconstructionist practices.

I enjoy writing introspective personal essays, cooking from scratch, good drives, and spending time in nature hiking, biking, kayaking, and adventuring in general. I also like playing my geetar and watching the clouds blow by.

I currently live in the suburbs of Chicago, but I’m native to the deserts of the Southwest.

I have blogged at a private website since 2003 and have kept hand-written journals since 4th grade. That old blogging site died in early 2017 – it no longer exists. This is one of my public sharing spaces.

Thanks for visiting.


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