Binary by Ani DiFranco re-view

I’m no a professional critic. I’m just a fan, listening for over 14 years now… familiar with ALL of Ani’s music. And I’ll admit that after a long day smooshed into a couple of back-to-back busy weeks for me, this review is a bit hurried and missing a few points I’d have liked to make, but my brain is tired and hurting so this will have to do.



Re-reading this, i realize now how brief this is. It may be because it was hand-written. I need to start working out those handwriting muscles more. In that case… there may be more to come. Keep a look out.

And please share your own thoughts on this album! I’m anxious to hear what other FANS are saying!

And, if you want a very decent review by someone who really knows what they’re talking about, read this review over at Red Guitar Music dot com.


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