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YTPC Week 22: Correspondences

Week 22 of the YouTube Pagan Challenge asks:

Do you create your own correspondences?


If typical associations for correspondences feel right to me, I go with it. If not, I go with something else. If I don’t have what fits best, I find the next best thing I have available. I see nothing wrong with improvising, when the improvisation seems to fit or be OK. There have been times when I’ve found myself not having what I would prefer, so I wait until I do have it and the magic gets put on the back burner until that time… It depends on the urgency. Powerful spells can be cast without much at all. One of the most impactful spells I’ve ever worked was simply written in colored pencil on a piece of lined, 3-hole punched notebook paper. It was the clear intent and focus mostly that I think carried it through to such a successful manifestation, and the use of an appropriately colored pencil just helped funnel that energy, along with deeply personal symbolism written out with the spell.


Witches are creators. Do not limit yourself to the confines of other people’s definitions of what’s what. All is one so… connect with what feels right, and go with it, and you’ll rarely go wrong.




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