YTPC Week 7 – Sacred Texts & Mythology

I made a post earlier this week about being pagan which I changed to private because I’m still working on it. It’s a big, important issue, so I want to spend some more time with it. Eventually I’ll make that post public again – in case anyone who subscribes saw the post and then saw it disappear.

Also, I’m working on the YouTube Pagan Challenge again this year. Last year I made a few posts to my YouTube channel for the challenge, but overall I didn’t do very well at following through. I’m more apt to writing than I am video making, so I figured I could at least try making brief blog updates for the challenge, even though this isn’t YouTube. 😛

Also, I’m aware that there is a new list for 2017, but I’m going to work on completing 2016’s questions first.

So it’s Week 7 of the year, and the question is:

How do you view sacred texts/mythology?

I view sacred texts and mythology like mirrors. They are created by humans. Humans are a part of Everything, so as long as these texts were created with spiritual intent, and sometimes even if not, they offer a way for us to reflect on ourselves as spiritual beings, and to reflect on our place in the Cosmos, how we relate to things, the meaning of things, etc. They’re tools for reflection, like  a mirror. Simple as that.


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