Household Cleaner

As a continuation of my previous post, I want to share the recipe for the cleaning spray I’ve been using for the past week or so around the house. I’m only going to share recipes on here that I’ve actually used myself and found to be reliable and effective in my own home. I have written down dozens of recipes for all kinds of stuff already, including a glass cleaner that has rave reviews online, and I’ll admit am tempted to share those. But, they’re already available online for anyone to look up. As I’m trying stuff for myself and finding what works for me, you’ll see me sharing and recommending those things here.

Also, I want to say how nice it’s been to know that I’m using something in my kitchen that is not full of harmful chemicals. Now when I accidentally have a jumper from the cutting board, I don’t hesitate in picking it up and adding it back into the dish I’m cooking. When I was using traditional household cleaners, if  cucumber fell on the counter, it always crossed my mind whether any chemicals lingered on the surface and got on the food that touched it. The surface is dried, obviously, but still it didn’t sit right with me.It’s nice to feel safe in my home.

Also as a note, I’m a very experimental person. Even in baking, where the golden rule is that measurements are everything, I’m not incredibly precise. It’s just my nature – I don’t trust hard and fast rules as much as I trust my own natural instincts and sense of adventure.

So, this recipe has already been fiddled with by me multiple times, but not because it doesn’t work – just because I love to try new things! This is the basic idea, though.

1 c. water

1/4 cup white vinegar – this helps to cut through some grime and disinfect

10-15 drops of essential oil – I started using tea tree oil because that’s all I had. I love the smell of tea tree oil, but I know a lot of people can’t stand it. It’s also nice that it has good disinfectant properties of its own, to add to the vinegar’s work.

1-2 Tbsp salt – this helps activate the disinfectant properties of the vinegar. A lot of recipes you’ll find online for homemade cleaning products recommend white vinegar for disinfecting. However, if you actually do your research, white vinegar alone hasn’t been 100% proven to be nearly as effective as say, bleach, in disinfecting. the research has shown that to really make it disinfecting, you need to add salt. Personally I’m not *overly* concerned with bacteria in my kitchen because this is a vegetarian home, but obviously sanitation is still very important in any kitchen and I’ve been adding the salt to this mix.

Combine this all in a spray bottle, and shake well before each use to combine the oils that may have separated.

You can use this same recipe, with less vinegar, for dusting, but add 2Tbsp of olive oil to help sine and protect wood. I haven’t done a huge amount of research yet on olive oil’s effects on woods, so make sure you do your research before getting crazy with it if you’re concerned about that. I’ve been using this on my Ikea furniture, though, and some other real wood in my home and haven’t had any issues appear! It does a great job.

I asked for essential oils for my birthday, and I was graciously gifted with a few! I’ve added Lemon essential oil to my kitchen cleaner, and will be making a home dusting spray as described above using a “medieval mix” I got, which includes: sweet orange, lavender, lemon, red thyme, tea tree, eucalyptus, and rosemary.


Also, if you’re concerned about using vinegar because of the smell, all I can say is that is quickly dissipates after it dries. I cleaned my entire bathroom earlier this week with vinegar, and it’s never been cleaner. I would eat sushi off the damn thing. (Although that could be just because I love shushi so much and would never let it go to waste…)

It just looked so fresh and, like I mentioned already, it was SO nice to know that I wasn’t exposing myself and other people, and the environment, to harmful chemicals. That peace of mind is truly priceless!

I also experimented with cleaning my shower with alcohol.

BE CAREFUL WHEN IF YOU DO THIS. The website that I got this recommendation from did not warn people about the fumes. I know – I should have been more cautions and aware on my own end of things. But this is why I think it is SO IMPORTANT for people to not just share things on the internet willy nilly, and to truly try stuff before they recommend it to others. That’s why I’m not sharing anything here that I haven’t tried myself.

I truly took one for the team on this one. I felt like I might die after just a minute into trying to clean the shower with alcohol.

Don’t get me wrong – the little part of the shower wall that I was able to clean before having to flee the bathroom looks great! But my lungs felt like they were on fire. Lucky for me my bathroom has 2 very large windows in it, so I was able to throw those both wide open and let the cold winter air swoosh in and take out the fumes.

It was a solid half hour or so though before I could go back in and finish cleaning the bathroom. I never did finish the shower. I was a little too scared to experiment anymore with the alcohol, but I will muster up the courage again soon and see what I can come up with. When I do, I’ll share it here.


That’s all for now.







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