Easy Dinners

My favorite foodie discovery (to me) of this past year has been baking veggies in the oven!

First of all, there is something so intensely satisfying about food that’s been baked. I feel like baked veggies almost appeals to some primal sense of hunger in me.

Secondly, it’s so freaking easy that even when I’m feeling lazy as hell, I don’t mind coarsly chopping up some veggies, tossing them with oil and salt, and sticking them in the oven on a flat baking sheet covered in foil. The foil is the important part, because then cleaning up just involves tossing the foil in the trash and turning off the oven.

To add some “body” to the meal I usually like to also cook up some brown rice or quinoa.

Tonight I baked some red potatoes, brussels sprouts, onions, and tofu. I have carrots I should have thrown in, but I forgot. I cooked just have a cup of rice, because I want the bulk of the meal to be the veggies, with the rice in there, like I said, to “fluff it up”. Honestly, though, the veggies alone are incredibly satisfying as a meal.

For seasoning I usually do olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and some rosemary this time of year because ‘TIS THE SEASON!

But recently, I started splitting the olive oil in half and melting some butter. I don’t use microwaves so I just put a oven-safe dish in the oven while it’s coming up to temp and I chop the veggies. Then, by the time the oven is up to temp, I’m done chopping my veggies and the butter is melted. Everything gets tossed together in the bowl from the oven, then put on the foil-covered baking sheet… usually around 400 degrees for about 30 minutes (checking every ten minutes or so, then five minutes if longer is needed).

Amazingly delicious, easy, and pretty healthy seeing as it’s whole-foods, made at home, no preservatives or bullshit.

I’m all about it.


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