It’s been a good while since I last posted here.

What brings me back is the fact that the website that I currently blog at regularly, and have used for the past 12 years, may become available to new users soon. It has been a closed community, taking no new users, for the past several years. Maybe 4 or 5 or so, I’m not sure.

So we, the remaining small, loyal users of the site, are sharing our input with the site’s owner regarding the idea of opening the site up again. But all new users would have to pay for their membership.

Paying your hard-earned money to something isn’t something most people take lightly. So since it’s been so long since I’ve used any other service, and since I’ve used MANY other services over the years without any of them capturing my love and loyalty like said site I’ve used for the past 12 years, I’m trying to get an idea of what it is that has not kept me with these other sites (like here at WordPress, despite the fact that I have 4 blogs here) and what has kept me loyal to my main service.

And the first thing that comes to my mind is PRIVACY. I can chose to make certain posts available to only certain people on my other blogging site. I can make public posts which capture interest of new readers and then I can make them friends and they can read my private posts, IF I CHOSE TO DO SO. I can make categories of friends who can read only certain posts. I can make a post visible to all of my friends only. I can make posts visible to anyone on the website. I can make my entire blog, not just the posts, visible to anyone on the website only. Or I can make my entire blog visible to the entire internet – but still only make certain posts visible to certain users on a post-by-post basis.

This amazing flexibility in what I make visible and what I share makes a world of difference. I’m honestly not sure that any other website offers this kind of flexibility. I mean, here on Wodrpress I think my only options are to make a post private so that it’s visible only to me, or to make it pass-word protected (which is SO stupid!!). Password protection is a terrible idea for most users. First of all, people are lazy. Second of all, how do you share that password? Third of all, it’s fucking rude. It lets people see that there is a post they can’t see. With my current blog site’s system, people who don’t get to see certain posts have no idea the post even exists. It’s diplomatic.

There is no built-in share-to-another-service like Facebook. I love that. Nobody on Facebook gives a shit, anyway.


The focus on this blog site for most people is writing every-day, personal things about their lives. So you’re sharing your life online, and people can comment and engage, but it’s just to your little community of mostly great people.

Tumblr is a pile of shit. Let’s be honest. It’s just shit.

WordPress has its purposes, but I think a lot of people use it as a free website builder. The community aspect is not clear enough, focused enough, or engaging enough to make it a viable option for people who want to anonymously connect with people on a personal level.

Blogger… well, I honestly haven’t touched blogger in a few years. I have a couple of accounts. They never went anywhere.


The community is what you’re getting with where I blog now. The privacy, the community, the simplicity.


With all the BS online nowadays, I feel like people would be interested in that.

But to pay for it? Does it need more of a gimmick? I’m not sure.

As  a current, long-time user, what would I like to see if I were to suddenly be asked to pay?


Well, maybe the ability to personalize my blog using CSS/HTML. We can do this to our individual posts, but it might be nice to be able to do that to the whole blog. Which we used to be able to do when the site first started in 2003.

Anyway, just getting a feel for things…





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