Early to Rise

This morning I woke up shortly before 4:30am. I slept over at my boyfriend’s house, so I hopped up and got in my car for my short drive home. To a lot of people, 4am or even 4:30 is an ungodly hour to be awake. Honestly, though, if I believed in God, I would say it is the most godly hour!

I relish those early morning drives. I love driving anyway – it’s like a hobby for me, almost – but driving early in the morning like that is one of my favorite times to drive. With the sun’s rays just starting to peak over the horizon but the sun itself still nowhere in sight, early morning twilight is truly magical. The cool night air hangs heavy all around you and everything is covered in dewy goodness. Birds chirping like crazy are the loudest sounds you hear, and a sense of silence permeates the morning stillness as the highways and byways are not yet full of roaring engines. 

It’s 5:30 am now and I’ve been awake for over an hour. Most people are still sleeping, and many will still remain sleeping for a couple hours more. 

I intend on working on some personal business relating to school, banking, and cleaning, then going for a coffee, then who knows what else. All probably before 8:30. 

For what almost became a full week before today, I wasn’t getting up early like this. Instead I was waking up around 9am. What terrible days those were! I felt groggy and tired all day. My mind was foggy. Terrible. 

Like many things in my life these days, I have my boyfriend to thank for my relatively recent discovery of the joys of rising early. For almost two years now he’s worked jobs that require him to wake up very, very early. His previous job and this current one both require him to be up just after 4am on a regular basis. Naturally (or not so?), I eventually began to rise early with him. First it started when my own car was out of commission and I would need to borrow his, which required me to wake up early and drive him to work. I discovered I loved being up and about when it was mostly just me and the birds and other early risers stirring about, getting lots of things done in the morning. 

I’m not saying getting up at 4:30 is easy. There’s been plenty of times when I have gotten up at 4am cursing the interruption in my sleep at a time when it seemed most appropriate to be nuzzled up in my warm, soft bed. But without fail, once I am up and about and I get a taste of that morning air or see the sky, I am grateful that I am up early. It’s refreshing. Soothing. Inspiring. Fulfilling. To wake up at the crack of dawn. 

Personally, I find it easier to get up early if I actually have somewhere to get up and go to. Like I mentioned, in the past it has been getting my boyfriend to work, and nowadays it’s driving home from his house early in the morning. (I could stay and sleep in, but I prefer not to.) If you have nowhere to be at 5am, and you’re a coffee drinker, think about just getting up and driving to your local Starbucks for a coffee. They’re open at 5am. Heck, take your laptop with you and go on in there and sit down and read the news, or write, or take care of business you can take care of from your computer. If just for an hour. Then return home and go on about your morning. 

I can’t imagine anyone trying a trial period of waking up early and having it be a bad experience. I have nothing but good things to say about it. Unless, of course, it’s 4:31 and I’m just then waking up. “Leave me alone” might be what I’m more apt to say. But by 4:40 I’ll be in a MUCH better mood.

I’m up early today and I’m not even sure yet what exactly I’ll do with the morning. At the very least, I know I feel really good about the day so far. I’m gonna have some coffee, turn on the radio and catch some news on NPR, fold some laundry, write and read, and make plans for the days and weeks ahead. Happy Thursday! 


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