Dress Up

I love Thanksgiving because it’s one of the few times during the year where you get to dress up. It’s a national holiday and everyone is spending it with friends and family. It’s the closest thing we have in modern Western times that is like the grand balls with feasts that you see in movies from the “olden days”. Sure, there’s weddings… But that’s pretty much it. And weddings don’t quite have the same feel as Thanksgiving does. Weddings are heavily cloaked in social expectation, nervousness, and political correctness. Sure, there are elements of that in Thanksgiving but generally it’s spent with people who are much closer to you and it’s a much  more casual occasion all around, but you still get to dress up nice! Not slutty like when going to the club or something. But quiant and just… nice. And there’s food and fun and merriment. Again, there’s elements of this at Christmas time, but save for the Christmas dinner, which people are doing less and less of apparently, there’s really just… Nothing like Thanksgiving in America! I love dressing up for Thanksgiving. I’m typically  not big on fashion or hair and makeup, but Thanksgiving is the one day in the year, besides my anniversary, where I will dress nice, put on a nice perfume, make sure my nails are painted, put on some eyeliner and eyeshadow, curl my hair, and look nice. Is it just me, though? And where did I get this idea of dressing up on Thanksgiving? I don’t know… but I’m going to live it up while I still can. 


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