Vegan Creamer

CAM00012As a big coffee drinker, since I became vegan I’ve run into the challenge of finding a satisfying substitute for my coffee creamer. 

I like my coffee simple: coffee, a touch of sugar (just a touch), and a healthy amount of creamer (which really wasn’t very healthy). 

I used to drink a lot of Starbucks but being a college student on a tight budget put a quick stop to that. I drink it now and again these days and enjoy getting a grande coffee in a venti cup with extra soymilk. Their soymilk in sweetened so I only add one packet of sugar.

I don’t buy soymilk for at home because I try not to restrict my soy consumption as much as possible. My typically preferred “milk” substitute to have in the fridge is almond milk. I don’t eat cereal and I don’t drink the stuff by the glass – basically I only use it in my coffee. But it leaves something to be desired that you get from regular milk and somewhat from soymilk – that creamy, rich flavor. 

For a while I started drinking my coffee black sometimes. I have nothing against black coffee, but sometimes you want that creamy taste. 

After messing around a lot, I finally found a satisfying fix to my problem. Now I simply add my helping of well-shaken almond milk to the cup before the coffee. To the almond milk I add a teaspoon of sugar and mix it vigorously for about a minute. It gets frothy as the sugar combines with the almond milk and it gets aerated. Then… the coffee. This simple switch in the order of adding stuff to the cup combined with that vigorous stirring makes for a richer, more creamy cup of coffee! Delicious! 


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