Brief Update: Car Search and Holiday Gifting

The car search yesterday didn’t go very well. Well actually, I suppose you say it was a success in that I didn’t buy a shitty car. I really wanted it, but I took it to be looked at by mechanics before purchasing and they found a few things, but one was REALLY bad. A deal breaker. The sub frame was really rusted up (the car had to rust otherwise, that was visible without getting up underneath it). So there went that deal. The search continues.

The holidays…

This year, again we started talk early about not buying gifts. I’ve even spent some time doing research on how to celebrate a gift-giving-free holiday season. Jeff brought it up first, “We need to talk about Christmas. You say you want no presents or just a few, but I like a lot of presents.” I hesitated for a second. He continued, “I like to give you a whole bunch of stuff, you know? So what will we do?” I think it’s a good idea to try at least one year to have a gift-free Christmas (I don’t celebrate “Christmas” but to keep things simple we’ll just call it that). I wanted to do that this year, and then it turned into a thing where we were doing only hand-made or not newly purchased things. And then we decided to keep it simple we should do like a drawing of names and everyone is responsible for getting two gifts for two people, one each. Then after we drew names and were all set my mom and sister pooped on everything by saying that it should be newly bought stuff or nothing. So there goes the whole thing out the window again! D: And I feel like at this point it’s too late to reverse this all and be like “okay, a no presents Christmas again!” But it would be fun to get SOMETHING for everyone. I just get anxious thinking about having to go to stores and buy something *new*. I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to be involved in that. That was the whole point behind the idea. But of course *everyone* has at least *one* thing they want that would be new. Except me. I mean… I want a new car and a new phone, but I don’t except anyone to get me those things. I’m saving up for those things myself.

So I’m a little discouraged. I wanted to have a consumerism-free holiday season. And her I am, I have to buy some nice thing for my mom and my sister. Which isn’t the issue, by the way. I love giving to people and especially my family. But I thought it would be more fun to give more creative gifts, maybe even silly things. 

I have fallen so behind on school work since the whole car situation. Freaking out. I have term projects approaching quickly, a paper I failed to turn in as of yet (was due two days ago) and a test coming up, which I have done like done of the reading for. Augh. I guess I should quit writing here then and get on with my day…


2 thoughts on “Brief Update: Car Search and Holiday Gifting

  1. Hugs to you. Perhaps you can make something that means a lot to you to give them and they will simply love it so much they won’t care if it’s not “new”. Paintings, knittings, hand made jewelry from things you find or that have a special meaning. I mean, you could buy them a “new” ice cube tray from Target (lol!) – but personally I’d rather have a “not new” personally-painted picture frame that holds a special moment!! Just my thoughts 🙂

  2. Thanks, Gina. You’re right… I think we’re maybe making our way back to not getting too crazy with the gift giving. I think the holiday will ultimately be more meaningful that way.

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