Portobello Mushroom Burger

Tonight I grabbed a couple portobello mushroom caps, and without any know-how at all I cooked myself up a fantastic portobello burger in literally like five minutes! MMMmmm!

My reason behind becoming vegan was to live more healthfully. I have pretty much always avoided too much processed foods, and I’m trying even harder now that I’m vegan to avoid slipping into the easy-to-fall-into trap when you’re on special diets to eat foods that are *processed* to cater specifically to that diet, or “vegan made” foods… If you know what I mean. Anyway, specifically I’m talking about vegan “burgers”. My boyfriend and I have had trouble finding vegan-friendly burgers that are also tasty (granted, we haven’t looked THAT hard, but our small attempts have yielded less than desirable results, in my opinion). He seems pretty open-minded about it, but I think as someone who was raised vegetarian and is very familiar with what’s out there in the way of meat-substitutes, I’m a tad more discriminating.

Today was a long day for me and I was craving a burger after I left the library at almost nine o’clock tonight. I made a quick trip to the grocery store for various goodies for my long day at school tomorrow, and while I was browsing through the produce section, some portobello mushroom caps caught my eye.

I think all vegetarians have at least tried a portobello mushroom burger, whether at a restaurant or under whatever circumstances. I’ve had my fair share… On the few occasions that my family has had a “barbecue”, we’ve always included porotobello mushroom, usually sliced. My mom and sister would drizzle them with oil and balsamic vinegar. I was never really fan. :/ Even at restaurants, they’re never really that great and when I see them on the menu my eyes tend to sweep right past the “mushroom burgers”. They’re just not delicious!

But this one tonight was. Maybe it was the great barbecue sauce I slathered it in (heh… not so healthy, I know!). Almost everything I’ve seen about portobello burgers says to grill them. I didn’t do that though. I just put it in a pan with the barbecue sauce, and covered the pan so that the heat stayed in so the thick mushroom would get cooked through to the center. I flipped it about four times and voila! Add a thin-cut bun, some field greens, onion and tomato and vegenaise and IT WAS SO DELICIOUS! I wish my belly had room for two…

The other awesome thing was that the caps were big and they weren’t very expensive. I mean… it was like almost six bucks for a pound, and the two I picked out were a touch over half a pound… but you could theoretically feed a family of four for almost six bucks yo!


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